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Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs



This is a method of study in which lectures are broadcast or lessons are conducted by correspondence, without the participant needing to attend a physical /face-to-face or in-person training. Lectures notes and learning materials are sent to participants to study from the comfort of their homes or office. There are many outstanding benefits of distance learning which include flexibility, time-saving and convenience. This is popular with many participants.

In our case; participants are sent materials and given practical assignments that are assessed by our facilitators. A one-day engagement with the facilitators is mandatory (online/physical). We recommend the last day of the training. This is for a minimum of 5 hours.



This form of training offers participants the added convenience of a learning experience tailored to their schedule. We deploy a combination of resources to deliver this training which includes the use of eBooks, journals, videos, recorded lectures, quizzes, discussion forums, live Q&A sessions and interviews. We use BigBlueButton to deliver the training content to our learners.

Through BigBlueButton, the pieces of learning sessions are (5 days) full-time and run from Monday to Friday and can be arranged to accommodate learners with varied schedules. Our Lectures will deliver the training from our main campus. In case of cancellation, a participant is entitled to a 90% refund of the total charges. Deferment of courses should not take more than 3 months.

The Directorate was established as a collaboration among the major stakeholders; the management, departments of the University, and students in order to achieve the mission and vision of the University’s distance learning programmes. It also envisions to help in developing dynamic instructional content integrated with modern technology. The Directorate of ODeL has a strategic function to; coordinate ODeL programs, syllabuses and regulations, supervise the admission of ODeL program students, oversee the administration and processing of ODeL programs examinations, offer guidance on proper conduct and supervision of the ODeL programs, and ensure that there is strict adherence to overall educational standards and implementation of quality assurance mechanisms among other aspects.

The Directorate has borrowed from best practices worldwide to roll out programs that focus on quality in material development and delivery, effective and efficient service delivery, and enhanced learner satisfaction. ODeL students receive the same quality of education as those on campus. In addition, the Directorate has structures to maximize interactions between learners and lecturers and also ensure that ODeL students interact among themselves, and other participants in the vibrant University life. Our clients are also guaranteed full access to all University services including library, academic advising and career information. Through ODeL, learners are provided with educational opportunities in discipline-specific coursework that utilize information technology tools for engaging in instruction and research. Students enrolled in online programs work with faculty closely to achieve goals that strategically target country-wide and global initiatives in business, education, technology, and promotion of social responsibility. The IUK ODeL works within the University’s vision and aspires to be a regional world class centre of excellence in enhancing participation, equity, empowerment and shaping of human capital through livelong education, research, innovation and technology for sustainable development.

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