Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Business Management

Department of Business Studies

The Department of Business Management is one of the first departments to be established by the University. Having been entrusted with the task of equipping students with practical business and managerial skills relevant in the current business world; the department’s focus is on programmes that are geared towards solving societal and organizational challenges presented to business people due to the interaction of businesses and the society at large. Ethical business and managerial skills have been emphasized through tailored units.

In line with the university mission, the department boosts of superlative faculty members with adequate teaching and research skills as the department fully supports the university’s adherence to the Commission for University Education employment and promotion guidelines. The department is headed by a Head of department who oversees the development and implementation of policies, strategies and academic affairs.

The department has a resolve to build close interaction between academia and industry and is making tremendous efforts towards that through frequent liaison, proposed joint field projects, research activities, workshops, seminars and lectures by industry experts. A plan is being put in place so that student internships at leading organizations within and outside the country will also be facilitated through the department – industry partnerships.

In the spirit of enhancing the need for programs that support the big 4 agenda and the country’s vision 2030, the departments’ faculty members are part and parcel of the newly established IUK Centre for Research in the Humanities & Social Sciences.

Specialization Areas

Marketing Management option

Accounting Option

Banking and Finance Option

Purchasing and Supplies Option

Risk Management and Insurance Option

International Business Option

Purchasing and Supplies Option

Human Resource Management Option

The department also offers Diploma and certificate courses in Business Management. With the following specialized diplomas set to be introduced in within the year;

  • Diploma in Sales and Marketing
  • Diploma in Project Management
  • Diploma in Procurement and Supplies Management
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Diploma in Business Information Systems
  • Diploma in Banking and Finance

Specialization Areas

  • Marketing Management option
  • Accounting option
  • Banking and Finance option
  • Human Resource Management option
  • Entrepreneurship option
  • Purchasing and Supplies option
  • International Business Option