HOD, Department of Education

Dr James Asena

H.O.D. Department of Education

Dr. James Asena Muganda became the H.O.D. Department of Education at The Islamic University of Kenya in 2019 after working as a lecturer for one year in 2018. Prior to  joining The Islamic University of Kenya Dr. Asena worked as lecturer in various Kenyan Universities in the field of Education management and policy studies. These universities include; Kisii University, Moi University and Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

Dr. Asena was educated at the University of Nairobi (Kenyatta University College) where he earned his B.ED (Arts) in 1984 and M.ED (Education Administration) in 2008. In 2016 he earned his Ph.D. in Education Management and Policy Studies from Masinde Murilo University of Science and Technology.

Dr. Asena has extensive work experience as an educationist and examiner. He has carried out extensive research in the field of education and published widely in the academic field. He has authored numerous articles in distinguished journals and attended several seminars.

Under his leadership, he is creating a dynamic and fast moving Department of Education, a source of teachers for Kenyan secondary schools and beyond.